In this Section you can find some of my work. All the pieces here were in fact composed back in 2010. Hopefully, I'll manage one day to compose a decent one, which will be placed here for you to download and listen. Feel free to download and use any of my music as you please.

This is the download section, if you prefer to listen without interruptions, Listen to the playlist


Prelude and Fugue

I composed this piano prelude and fugue while studying in Boston, like all the pieces presented in this section. The pianist is Arturo Cardeluz. I composed a series of 5 additional preludes and fugues, which are not recorded as of today. You can find the music sheet here!

Cello Suite

This is a 5 movement Cello Suite, which will hopefully one day be a part of a series of six. In the meantime, you can enjoy and download the first one. The entire suite was used in Ariel's soundtrack. The interpreter is Sebastian Baverstam.

Guitar Suite

A three-movement Guitar Suite. The interpreter is Yoichi Suzuki. Feel free to download or use any of my music for your personal use, to accompany video footage etc. You can find the music sheet here!

Woodwind Quartet

A Prelude, a Fugue and a Rondo. You can find the music sheet here!

Guitar Invention

A single guitar invention, one in a series of many. This piece was used in Murasaki Mist's soundtrack.

Since I dedicated myself to the development of video games back in 2011, only the soundtracks presented in this website represent the music that I've composed since then. In fact, all the pieces which are currently here were composed and recorded, along with many others, back in 2008-2010. There will be, one day, a lot more music in this section.