The repository

There were two ideas which pushed me to create this website. First, for Free Energy Vol I, the Light Novel, to be uploaded and for it to have a place on the web to exist. Second, to fill the need to share my music for free and for fair use. I've been planing on uploading the 3d models (.blend) files I've worked on all these years, but I doubt they would be of any use to anyone since they were particularly tuned for our projects etc. I will, though, upload the scores of all my music in PDF eventually. Free energy Vol. II will be out eventually as well, and will be uploaded for free here, at least the plain-text PDF version. There are some other compositions which will be uploaded in an additional section. Anything else of worth I produce, if something, will be uploaded here, hopefully available for fair use.


Additional Sections

There are additional sections planned to be uploaded. These will contemplate, for instance, music sheets and scores of some of the pieces presented in the website, as well as different compositions not yet recorded. Furthermore, there’s music I haven't upload, and there is a section planned for this music too. Lastly, I want to upload screenshots and links to certain educational projects I've developed over the years along with a tech institute. The links will be available for you to see eventually. 

I began uploading some files in one of these new sections. You can visit it here!

New! Some screenshots of my recent work. Click here!

A new section has been uploaded. Visit the sheet music section here!



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